The Idea

When I think about the world, I think about all the beautiful things that can exist and that currently do. But With all the pollution and constant threats to the environment it is hard to stay in one place without seeing the true corruption of Industry and the ruin it leaves behind.

My goal is to help spread the word of Permaculture. And my idea of Permaculture is the utilization of nature instead of the destruction of it. Also, creating/building imaginative and efficient spaces in which we could live and thrive. I know it sounds a bit crazy, but the fact of the matter is, it can be done!

Imagine, a community of mutual respect and the ability to live sustainably!

What a beautiful place that would be. And if we work together in helping spread ideas around that can be helpful to someone else, we will be able to produce more from the Earth(without hurting it!)

What I also want to iterate is the constant battle between Capitalism and Permaculture. It seems that the movement has two sides, which need to be pointed out. And that is the fact that on one end, you have those that will tell you where to buy this and where to buy that and what “thing” is cheaper where. And on the other hand, you have the experimentalists and the trailblazers that would like to accomplish their goals through any means that doesn’t involve money. (And I consider working for supplies and resources to be apart of this)

I consider myself to be part of the latter group. Seeing as I do not believe in this monetary system that so easily corrupts our youth and our families. Yes, I am guilty Dear Reader, of having spent money and I realize that it is something that I was born into. But that doesn’t mean that I use it often or even worry about having any.

As I am right now, I am in control of a Pepper Garden and various other gardens. I love Peppers, and I will be talking about mine as they grow. I hope to be spreading the word on projects and having pictures and video of various projects I do. Thanks for the time.


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