One of the main ideas that need to be shared is Organization. Without it, everything will become increasingly more difficult. I have been to places where the set of tasks were loosely described, and were never accomplished. And the idea of a commune sounds nice, if you have the right amount of determination and the right set of tools.

What must be prescribed is a simple guideline. I understand that there are books that can be bought, but as I stated before, the further that we get from Capitalism, the better.


  • Discuss short/mid/long term goals
  • Take note of skills and assign tasks
  • SET A DATE!!!

1. Discussing goals:

  • Understanding your community and building around the same ideas and praxis can benefit all of those involved. Getting to know like minded and willing people who want to get their hands dirty for the same goals will produce faster results! Without the cohesive relationships within a community, there is no room for flexible ideas and creative responses to situations. As long as there is a mutual respect involved between individuals and the understanding that each has the choice to make decisions without conflicting with anyone’s boundaries(so-to-speak…) we will achieve said cohesive relationships. Combining each persons skills in order to help provide for the community.

2. Take note of skills and assign tasks:

  • These are not jobs. Unless you want them to be of course. In a self-sustainable community there should be a sense of duty. Regardless of where you find that duty, if it dawns on you to do something, do it. When you don’t have to ask to do something, these can help better the working environment. Sure making lists is great, but when you have a full grasp of a community’s skilled members, then you will have a much easier time progressing towards mid and long term goals. With the right set of skills that many of us have, certain tasks can be achieved much quicker. If members in the community claim to not possess any skills, it is a good idea to start them right away into a project. Skills can be learned through experience. Like many of us know already. (Of course! lawl) Dividing projects into “bigger” and “smaller” jobs can be made. Designating certain projects long and short term is a good idea.


  • Seriously. I get it, time is relative, but when we learn how to spend our time and not our money, we could achieve a lot more. As I see it, I was born into a world where people often blame time for not having enough money, which is a ridiculous concept in itself. Each and every one of us gets the same amount of time each day to spend however we choose, and if it is not enough for you to make the amount of money, then perhaps it is time to change the way you spend your waking moments. What is achievable is right in front of you and at your fingertips.

And as you can see, although these three things are simple, there is a much deeper level of consciousness required in order to successfully inhibit successful relationships. As I stress the importance of relationships, know that I am using the term in the sense that it is a general relationship with all things. With the air you breathe, the food you eat and the way you leave your foot print on this Earth. I want to strive with those around me for a better future. Grow like the plants that I put in the ground. Thank you Dear Reader for taking the time.


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